Kristina Young’s Quake Mosaic mural and the story behind it was recently featured in the Napa Valley Register. The mosaic will be installed on a vintage rail car located on Napa Valley Wine Train property near Soscol Street below Vallejo Street in downtown Napa at the Southern Gateway of RAD.

From the article:

We know that ‘the best things in life are not things.’ Even so, I didn’t have the heart to toss everything in the trash; yet salvaging the remnants of this heartbreaking catastrophe proved a Herculean task. So up until just a few months ago, six, large, plastic bins of colorful ceramic shards were awaiting their fate in our dark garage.

To the rescue came Kristina Young — artist, arts educator, administrator and advocate. For her, these shards were fodder for a striking, imaginative mosaic that now frames our garage window. Everything old became new again.

Read the full article here: Napa Quake Mosaic: Ceramic shards repurposed for new art works